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Mrs Armstrong

Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 16.1.19


Thank you for all the photos about the homework task from last week. It has been really interesting to hear what the children chose to put into their bags. Some photos are being displayed in the classroom, some will be displayed in the dining room, and others will be put into a book for our reading corner.

Global Issues

This week we have read a story where children in a refugee camp had to queue up to fill a water container. This led to a discussion about what we need water for in our daily lives. The homework task is for the children to record how much water they use in one day. I want the children to realise how fortunate we are to have fresh, clean water available for use whenever we need it. We have spoken briefly about how important it is that we do not waste water. Please help your child to think about any ways that you can reduce the amount of water you use as a family.


We are currently working on multiplication, and this week we tried to play ‘Fizz’. This is a game where children count up in ones substituting the word Fizz for a multiple of 10. We haven’t yet managed to get round the whole class without a mistake. Next week, we will do this with the 4 times table by substituting the word ‘Buzz’ for a multiples of 4. Please play this game with your child at home.

In addition, the children have been given a sheet to practise the 3 times table. We are learning the corresponding division facts for each multiple too eg 7x3 is 21, so I can solve 21÷3.

Mrs Armstrong has been teaching the children to tell the time and to solve time related problems. Please help your child to read the time with various clocks around your home.


Please continue to read regularly with your child. We have updated our selection of books in the classroom, so your child should be able to find something they will enjoy reading.

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