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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 8.11.19



Your child has been given a booklet of various maths topics to revise what the children have been learning in Y2 and Y3. We haven’t covered fractions this term, but the activities will revise what the children covered in Y2. The children will complete a PUMA assessment next week to allow us to identify particular mathematical strengths and areas to work on for the next term. The results of these assessments will be discussed at the parent meetings later in the term.


We are currently covering two spelling lists per week to revise the spellings from the Y2 curriculum. The spellings for the next three weeks are on the spelling list your child has been given. This week we have worked on spellings from lists 1 and 2.


Next week is our class assembly. This week, for reading homework, please encourage your child to read aloud using expression and intonation. Please encourage your child to project their voice (but not shout) as they read.

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