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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 18th October and 25th October



I have put a bookmark in your child’s reading book this week. It lists some ideas about how you can support your child with their reading at home. The book mark will change as the focus for the reading changes. Bookmarks for the children who have not returned their book are in school. We will send them home when the reading book is changed in school.


We have been looking at words with y at the end this week- fly, reply etc. When the word changes by adding s, the y is replaced with ie and s is added- flies, replies. Please see if your child can find other words which follow this spelling rule.


This term, we have been concentrating on place value, and addition and subtraction calculation strategies. After the holiday (week 2), the children will complete a maths assessment which will cover all areas of the maths curriculum. We will revise the learning from year 2 in lessons before moving on to the year 3 learning objectives. Your child has been given a booklet with various maths concepts from Year 2 to revise at home. If your child can do some pre-learning/revision of these maths skills and maths vocabulary at home, they will find it easier to access the learning in class. This booklet is homework for the next two weeks. Please return the booklet to school after the holiday.

Thank you for all your support this term.

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Armstrong

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