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Mrs Furniss

Y3 Homework Friday 8th June 2018

Your child will be bringing home a comprehension all about the Romans. We ask that you read through this with your child and discuss the answers to each question in detail. Where possible, the children should highlight key parts of the information in the text and use this to help them answer certain questions.

In Maths, we are revising different topics from across the year. The children should complete the two worksheets sent home on reading data in various ways. Please make sure the children read the ‘key’ carefully to ensure their answers are correct.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. Reward points will be given to children who record what they have read in their reading diaries. Please ask your child to tell you about what they have read. This will help to ensure your child can understand the text they are reading.

During their morning work, the children have been looking at –ly adverbs that are exceptions to the usual spelling rules. We have also looked at words from the Y3/4 statutory spelling list.

Please look through the workbooks with the children, complete any unfinished work and practise the spellings. The spellings are:

truly, duly, wholly, publicly, fully, dryly, daily, slyly, shyly, coyly

believe, appear, often, group, breath, continue, arrive, women, height, describe

Please check that your child can spell these words and use them correctly in a sentence. There will be a spelling test on these words.