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Mrs Furniss

Science Week in Y3

Featured Science Week in Y3

This afternoon, Y3 took part in their Science Week activities all about colour!

There were three activities. The first activity was called, ‘Rainbow Strips’. The children went outside to use natural resources to make a colour collage using leaves, sticks and anything else they could find!

The second activity was called, ‘Splitting Sweets’ and it involved M&M’s, felt tip pens and water. The children used blotting paper to see how water can change the colours on M&M’s and the felt tip pens on the blotting paper when they add water.

The final activity was called, ‘Spinning Spectra’. The children had to divide a circle into equal segments and colour each segment in different colours. They then had to make a hole through the centre of their circle and spin it, to see what different colours they could spot.

See the photo gallery below.

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