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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 24th November

Homework week ending 24th November


This week your child has been given a game to play to reinforce learning done in class. We will return to using the Schofield and Sims books next week.


Please help your child to learn the words from spelling list 2. The sheet was sent home a couple of weeks ago. Here are the words in case your list has been misplaced:

Evil e words (The e at the end of the words makes a long vowel sound- h o p  becomes  h o p e)

pope, slope, tube, cube, name game, cape, escape, bake, cake

Closed and open syllable (if the first syllable in a word ends in a consonant, the vowel is short eg   den tist  - the e is short. If the first syllable ends in a vowel, the vowel is long, eg be yond- the e is long)

Atlantic, fantastic, dentist, sunset, electric, beyond, moment, student, protest, slogan


Please continue to read regularly with your child.

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