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Year 2 (26)

Terrific Teamwork!

Yesterday some Y2's attended a Sports day at EISS. They worked as a great team showing off their running, jumping and throwing skills. Most of all they showed great sportsman ship and we had lots of fun.

Well done!

Y2 Writing Workshop

Last week we had a writing workshop where parents came in to work with their children. We practised lots of different writing skills such as expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, exclamations and even managed to fit in a bit of karate punctuation! All of a sudden we recieved an email from Tiddler the fish. He wanted us to re write his adventure story. Of course we had to help him. We worked hard to also include the skills we had practised in the morning and the Mummies and Daddies could help too.

Many thanks to all of the parents who were able to attend.

Please find attached the information from the morning.

Y2 Maths Workshop

Today Y2 had a maths workshop where we invited parents and adults to come and join us. We all worked together and looked at the different methods we use in Y2 to solve equations. We practised our addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractions. We even managed to fit in some singing of timestables with the help of Percy Parker. The children worked hard througout the morning and showed the adults in the room what maths masters they are! Well done to Y2 and many thanks to all the parents who were able to attend. The hand out from the morning is attached. 

Exciting Explosions in Y2

On Friday 16th February, after lots of research into the volcanoes of Italy, we decided to make and explode some of our own. It was great to have some Y5 helpers too. We made the volcanoes out of paper, a plastic cup and selotape. We then used bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar to make them erupt. Y2 have learned so much about volcanoes that they were able to talk about whether people had made a composite volcano, shield volcano or cinder cone volano. We then thought about which volcano they were like when they erupted. Was it an explosion like Stromboli where the lava only flows down one side? Or was it more like Vesuvius where it erupted on all sides. Y5 then made us think a little more scientifically and we held a science experiment to find out if it made a difference by using more or less bicarbonate of Soda. 

Well done Y2 and Y5 for a great afternoons work. 

Michelangelo's of Y2 - no chairs allowed!!

Today in our art lesson we were learning about one of the most famous artists in the World who happens to also come from Italy - Michelangelo. We learned that he was a painter, sculptor and an achitect (although sculpting was his favourite). We had a look at some of his creations and were amazed that his art work was still around for us to see even though it is around 500 years old! In particular we had a look at his painting of the Sistene Chapel. We thought that he might have taken the ceiling panels down and painted them on the ground. We discovered however that he had some scaffolding and that he actually painted the ceiling whilst lying on his back. No wonder it took him 4 years! We decided to have a go at sketching some Italian landmarks in the same way Michelangelo had painted the Sistene Chapel - on our backs. We found out it was more trickier than we first thought. Have a look at our photo gallery to see how we got on. Watch this space for more Michelangelo inspired art...

Charlie the dog visits Y2

Today Charlie came to visit Y2 as part of our learning about Dogs. In English we have been using books to find out more about dogs inlcuding how to look after a dog, puppies and the different breeds of dog. Charlie (who is a lhasa apso) came in to help us some more. We had a whole morning of different dog activities. We made origami dogs, sketched dogs and did some more fact finding. We also went out in groups to find out more about Charlie (with his help).

We used our knowledge from our workshop with Emma-Jo from Dog's Trust to help us. We knew we had to stay calm and not to be too noisy around Charlie. Did you know a dog's hearing is 4 times better than ours? We found out what Charlie likes to eat, play with and even why he has a collar around his neck with a tag on.

Everyone in Y2 was amazing today at helping to look after Charlie. Well done Y2!

 Charlie says "Woof, woof, woof" which I am pretty sure means "Thanks for having me Y2!"

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