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Charlie the dog visits Y2

Featured Charlie the dog visits Y2

Today Charlie came to visit Y2 as part of our learning about Dogs. In English we have been using books to find out more about dogs inlcuding how to look after a dog, puppies and the different breeds of dog. Charlie (who is a lhasa apso) came in to help us some more. We had a whole morning of different dog activities. We made origami dogs, sketched dogs and did some more fact finding. We also went out in groups to find out more about Charlie (with his help).

We used our knowledge from our workshop with Emma-Jo from Dog's Trust to help us. We knew we had to stay calm and not to be too noisy around Charlie. Did you know a dog's hearing is 4 times better than ours? We found out what Charlie likes to eat, play with and even why he has a collar around his neck with a tag on.

Everyone in Y2 was amazing today at helping to look after Charlie. Well done Y2!

 Charlie says "Woof, woof, woof" which I am pretty sure means "Thanks for having me Y2!"

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