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A Super day in Y2!

Featured A Super day in Y2!

What a super day we have had in Y2 today. Unfortunately Miss Healy, Miss Ward and Mr Wallace were out today but instead sent the 'Super' team of Superwoman, Supergirl and Superman to teach instead. There was also no children in Y2 today but they too had sent superheroes in their places!

As we had such special people in school today we did not do ordinary lessons. Instead we did superhero art (based on the ideas of Andy Goldsworthy), superhero training camp (to test our speed, agility, balance and resillience) and finally we went on a local walk.

We were going to go on a local walk but we were collect and solve clues across Ranmoor. The clues had a piece of a jigsaw on the back and when pieced together would reveal the location of Dr. Doom's secret lair. Luckily we managed to find all the clues in our teams, piece them together and Mr Fernandes was back in time for Hymn Practice!

Well done to all the superheroes today - Miss Healy, Miss Ward and Mr Wallace will not believe what you have been up to without them!!

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