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Miss Healy

Year 2 (12)

Perfect Partners in PE

Today in PE we have continued developing our gymnastics skills. We have learned all about balances, what they are, how to long to hold them and what our hands and feet should do too. Today we were practising some trickier balances with the help of a partner. We needed to work together as a team to make the balance work. Miss Healy was very impressed with what we could do by the end of the lesson. Maybe some of us will become Olympic gymnasts one day?

Michelangelo's in the making!

Today we learned about Michelangelo and his famous works. We learned that he painted the Sistene Chapel in Rome. We also learned that it took him 4 years! We decided to try out his method of working on his back to understand what it must have been like to paint a whole ceiling. We were sketching some famous places in Italy and we were really trying to look out for the shapes in the pictures to help us draw. What a hardworking set of children Y2 are!

Exciting Eruptions in Y2

On Thursday Y2 made and erupted some volcanoes. They first had to make their volcano using a small plastic container and some paper. The container was placed in the middle and paper stuck around the edges to make it look more like a volcano. We then added Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar to make them erupt. The children decided to look and see whether they erupted like Stromboli (down one side) or like Mount Etna (all over the volcano). Mrs Shaw and Miss Healy were very impressed with this as they hadn't even thought of that! We are sure there are some budding volcanologists in Y2!

What superb ukulele players you all are Y2H!

Today Y2H have had a go at learning how to play the ukulele. The children worked really hard to learn how to play. Today we mastered the open strum and also the chord of C. You can see by the look on our faces on the photos as to how hard we were working!

Y2 Writing Workshop Flipchart

Please find attached the flipchart from the Y2 Writing Workshops. 

These are the activities that we practised in the workshops to help improve our writing.

If you have any questions or would like some more support on how you can help your child with their writing please do come and speak to Miss Healy.  

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